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I LOVE cute…i LOVE miniature…

Cute + Miniature = Creative Heaven


I found my mini easel at Poundland…..dont you love creative bargins!!





The black paint i used is DecoArt Lamp Black. I purchased that at The Crafts House


I applied 2-3 coats of black paint, drying in between each coat.


I have had this little book of papers for a couple of months…has anyone else found The Works a good place to mooch around for craft supplies?DSCN2096[1]

I Loved the design on this paper and the red will be a good contrast on the black backgroundDSCN2099[1]

I have “collected” quite a few punches and cutting dies over the years and this is one of my favorites and go to punches…..i think its also because i LOVE hearts.




Using a glue stick i attached 2 hearts and a thin strip of the red paper to the easel



I also added the word JOY…i cut the letters with my alphabet cutting die but you can pick up packs of letters at your local crafts store.



then comes one of my favorite parts…..adding embellishments.(I used UHU glue for this brass word because it was heavier)

Confession Time…… I have collected a lot of embellishments….i have been known to sit and organise them into shapes,sizes and colour, which is a great excuse to buy an “embellishment container”!!


I finished by inking the edges of the easel with brown ink and a sponge and 2 coats of DecoArt Matt Spray Seale.rDSCN2110[1]


My JOY easel is standing  in my Creating room…….making me Happy


Can you imagine how many souls Mother Teresa must have captured with her wonderful Heart, how Love and care she gave to others.

Sandra xx




Art to HeArt …….Creating with Clay



…I’ve been wanting to play with clay again after being inspired by a couple of artists using it in their artwork.I had bought a pack of white clay at The Works a while ago…i was really hoping it hadn’t dried out but keeping it stored in a zip lock bag meant it was as good as new.


…..are you like me and have a “collection” of supplies (I’m not owning up to the size of the “Collection”!!)  I pick up mini frames, cutters, papers,embellishments etc with no fixed project in mind …..but they are cute and seem to jump in my basket and sit patiently waiting to be taken home…


i rolled the clay out using my brayer ……i cant be without brayers for painting and journals but hadn’t used them with clay……..perfect way to roll out the clay to the right thickness.

If anyone sees a mini rolling pin will you let me know because i would like to give that a try with clay too


Clay jan 2018 2

these cute little heart cutters i found at Hobbycraft ….only £2.50 and cut through clay really well…..

Clay jan 2018 3


After i had rolled and cut out the hearts I let them air dry on a mini drying rack from………….Poundland…..perfect size for this job…and ONLY a £1 !!!

The clay took a day to air dry,i could have speeded it up but i worked on another project

so no hurry….

Clay jan 2018 5


I painted the hearts with DecoArt acrylic paint, it covered really well…..I’ve tried all types of paint but always return to this paint because of its quality when i paint on wood and it covers really well on clay. (I use a variety of different paints and materials when journaling..more about that another time)


Clay jan 2018 7

I love hearts and I love miniature = Creative Happy

these hearts measure 1.5 cm


loved this frame when i saw it because of how classy it looked


I also made a mini tag ……you can’t beat a tag…i keep all my handmade tags  (i keep them in a box to hug later………OK i know ..I’m WEIRD !!!!!]


On another note……I LOVE this verse….knowing I’m loved….So are you……….can’t beat it

Sandra xx




The Taming of The Curl


1963 Sandra

…i was created with curly hair so WHY… can anyone tell me .. have i tried to straighten my hair for the last 43 years?


1967 c Sandra with Mum & other

….everyone in school seemed to have straight hair and there I was with a halo of curls…..my Mum even put my hair in pin curls and rags at night-time {to be fair,i think she thought it would help} and i would get up in the morning to a Shirley Temple look-alike staring back in the mirror!!

Maybe it’s because I’m a 60’s child…straight fringes, bob hair cuts

download (2)


when I was old enough to use an iron…..i tried to sandwich it between brown paper and iron it straight……it worked for the ends but i couldn’t sandwich my head between brown paper so there was a mass of curls close to my head with the ends of my hair sticking straight out with singed ends.


I used weird contraptions to tame the frizz     [who had one of these in the 70’s?].i walked miles around the living room hoping that when the hood was removed I magically had straight hair??…..maybe i should do it now and combine hair drying and loosing weight.


1981 10b Sandra pose 2

is it a coincidence that I trained as a hairdresser and learnt how to straighten my hair?


…my husband David has always loved my hair curly, he’s watched me over the years run for cover at the first sign of moisture in the air..spend hours preparing my tresses only to step out of the door and feel the “ping” as each strand of hair jump back into its stubborn curl!!


I’ve straightened my hair with heat hot enough to melt the end of the hair dryer [yes that did happen!!]….my Dad used to say the electricity bill was much less when I left home.{i think he was right, sorry Dad xx}


I’ve bought enough potions and lotions to contend with those notions of taming and controlling those curls that keep rolling.


I stand before you a confessed ‘curly control freak’…i’m letting go curl by curl..i cant promise to have hung up my hairdryer for good or that i wont have “straight hair days”

But I am going to really try to be the “curly hair me” that God Created me to be.

and If you have any recommendations for curly hair products that will enhance the curl and tame the frizz PLEASE PLEASE let me know.

Sandra xx

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Journaling on the Hill..2018

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I couldn’t function with out being able to journal, I’ve always kept written journals but

when i began to Art Journal about 6/7 years ago it opened up another world……it meant i could combine everything into one creative process……

it has pulled me through the happiest times, the darkest times…..it allows me to be ME.

I want to share that process with you….a kind of “Journal Journey”….share what i’m working on,talk about the hows and some of the whys.

………..What I’m working on…………..

this is my mini journal, it measures 8.5 cm x 5 cm…..i LOVE miniature


Art journaling helps me exercise my “creative muscles”……i can play in the pages in between working on projects, it gives me a “creative fix”.


adding words, verses and quotes combines the written journal with the Art


I NEVER want to stop learning and creating…….I think that’s what we are created to do

   …….its good to be back, creating and sharing..Sandra x